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The Electromagnetic Toothbrush

A revolutionary new oral care platform

A Look Into the Future of Oral Care

Afsar Dental Materials and Devices presents a revolutionary new toothbrush developed and designed under the supervision and guidance of Dr. M Ali Saghiri.

Manual and electronic toothbrushes are ineffective when compared to the Electromagnetic Toothbrush! The traditional designs we have all grown accustomed to require concentration and attention from the user. Horizontal scrubbing may be easy, but proper vertical movements of the bristles is often difficult in practice for both children and adults alike. Excessive force application can cause abrasion of the enamel or even gum injury. Many in our community are limited whether it be because of old age, hospitalization, physical/mental disability, or even just because of a lack of time.

Our Electromagnetic Toothbrush provides an easy solution. The Electromagnetic Toothbrush brings a new option, one in which the user can get an optimal clean of all of their teeth simultaneously-in just 2 minutes!

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The Electromagnetic Toothbrush

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